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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rub a dub dub, sock monkey in the tub (print and invitation)

Quite possibly, I channeled the colors I want to do in the kids' bathroom for this print.  I want to paint the cabinets black and dress the window & shower in white.  The stone tile is light and would bring in pops of charcoal and light grey.  It's a boy/girl/guest bath so it needs to be pretty and functional (meaning I need to hide their messes the best way I can for those unexpected pop in visitors).  I am considering changing this print for their bathroom to THREE monkeys in a tub and hanging it in when I'm done with painting.  I'm in love with how it turned out! 

Original design for print and invitation by Oh My Gluestick.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sock Monkey First Birthday Invitation by Oh My Gluestick

Sock Monkeys are special to us in the A household.  So naturally when my baby turned one this year, I had to create something special and it absolutely had to be sock monkey themed.  Of course!  I didn't want a photo to overpower the invitation and had this vision of my sweet little baby in his high chair enjoying his first ever taste of chocolate and first ever cake.  That was the inspiration of the design and it fell in to place perfectly.  Party pictures to come later (er...eventually).  Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

This and ALL Oh My Gluestick designs are copywritten by Oh My Gluestick and may not be shared, sold, or copied.

Bling Bling! Bachelorette Party Invitation

Sparkles and pink, diamonds and drinks!  What better describes a night out with the girls for a one of a kind celebration!?  Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Zebra & Dot Photo Shower Invitation or Baby Announcement

This mama is just so adorable! Look at how tiny she is with her glorious baby bump wrapped up like God's precious gift. I'm seriously jealous that she doesn't look like the whale of a mama I was when I was preggers, but I am in love with this picture and the colors! Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Party Like a Rock Star: Bling Invitation

You're never too young or too old to party like a rock star.  Well....actually I'm not sure that's true.  My kids can really put me to shame and all three are under the age of 7.  They can stay up late and wake up at the crack of dawn with the energy and appetite of 20 men.  Recently hubby and I went on a date.  We went to the House of Blues for drinks and dinner, then off to Coldplay for one of the most amazing concerts I've ever attended.  We didn't go home from there (as we probably should have) but instead just enjoyed each other and had a taste of what it's like to date each other and hold one another's attention without interruption from three little people and all that entails.  We finished up at a bar after the concert where we met some pretty interesting people (most of which were younger than me, of course) and then headed to our hotel room.  Flash to the next morning when the sun came blaring through the window like an evil assassin stabbing me in the head with tiny, bright knives.  I then determined (like I didn't already know) that Mama can no longer party like a rock star.  I'm a mommy and though it doesn't necessarily define me, it certainly grounds me and I love this life.  I don't miss the bars, the dehydration, and the stabbing sun assassins invading my room to punish me for staying out to late and having one more cocktail than I should have.  I like waking up to a room full of kids and a bed full of pillow thieves with feet in my face and someone always grabbing one of my boobs.  As much fun as I had, I paid the price and I wouldn't trade my current life for the life of a rock star any day.  That said, our anniversary is coming up and I'm sure I'll forget about the sun assassins when hubby and I are celebrating our amazing life.  (wink)  Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Hot Pink & Zebra Mini Golf Party Invitation

Who wouldn't want a hot pink and zebra mini golf party!? I'm (insert age) and I still would love to have one! Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

It's a boy! Little Man Baby Shower Invitation

No, I'm not preggers again. Though I'm not turned off by the idea.....just not right now (or for a while).  This is an invitation that was done for a shower I helped put together and can also be done for a girl. These would make cute announcements as well! Knowing the mama for this shower, I just knew I had to do a "little man" inspired themed since that's what she always referred to him as. Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Batman (Inspired) Swim Party Invitation

A friend of mine reached out to design a swim party invitation for her batman-loving kiddo.  I accepted the challenge and came up with a fun way to do batman without going over the top with generic batman themed party goods.  Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Kapow! Bam! Splatt! Superhero Party Invitation

I have the privilege several times a year to design invitations for a very sweet client of mine named April.  Incidentally, she  just so happens to have been a high school friend as well.  She has the cutest little boys and always brings a new challenge to my table.  She lets my imagination go wild and we always seem to nail the theme in just the right way.  It doesn't hurt that her adorable boys are always the emphasis of the invitation.  I just doodle around them in hopes to capture the design is aiming for.  This year, her youngest wanted a super hero party with bright colors and bold words. His picture absolutely made this design what it is. Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Lobster Bake "Rock Lobster!" Invitation

Summer time at the beach off the coast of Maine. Ahhh. No, I'm totally not there, but if I was I would totally do a lobster bake every weekend. Seriously. Doesn't that sound amazing!? For those of you who get to do this ritual, I am so jealous. Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Calling all Decepticons! Transformers Inspired Invitation

There just isn't anything for Transformer parties featuring the "bad guys". My sweetie pie turned four this year and really wanted a Decepticon party. Doing what I do best, I made him some bad guys inspired by the Transformers and enjoyed his sweet little face when everything came together. He had an absolute blast! I will post the actual party photos soon, but here's the invitation. Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Magical Fairy Party Invitation

A little fairy dust and some birthday magic. Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Family Tree Baby Shower Invitation

This invitation is designed for a baby shower, but can easily be switched up for an announcement or reunion invitation.  Original design by Oh My Gluestick.

Vintage Bicycle Against Tree: Save the Date Wedding Cards

I love anything vintage, handed down, or passed on.  I am a sucker for reds and teals, trees and bikes, modern and old.  All of that wrapped up makes this Save the Date card from Oh My Gluestick.
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