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Have you ever come up with that perfect theme for a party, shower, or other event and can't find everything you want to tie it all together? These party kits can help! Make cupcake toppers, thank you notes, favor tags, gift tags, decorations, themed confetti, and so much more. Here, OMG provides the adorable designs and the idea of endless possiblities. Make your party a success with OMG DIY Party Printables!

All DIY Party kits shown here are available at

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Pedal Car Driven by Sock Monkey

I couldn't resist this! I've been doing vintage inspired designs all week and this one had to be done!
Available at

Sock Monkey Flying in with a Parachute

This is a different take on "Storks delivering babies". It would also make a cute birthday invitation.
Available at

A Sock Monkey Shower Invitation for any sweet baby

Available at The Sock Monkey Studio:

Sock Monkey Obsessed

If you are an OMG reader, you know I am obsessed with sock monkeys and have been since my sweet little Thomas was a teeny tiny baby. It gives me such comfort creating new sock monkey designs as it allows me to reminisce about when he was a baby. This one is my favorite as of yet. It reminds me of his sweet face and his always hopeful expressions. Enjoy! This invitation is now available at

A vintage inspired School Bus Party

A vintage school bus party is perfect for your bus lovin' birthday kid or a back to school party. Invitations and banner available at

Get on the Retro Bus!

Available at

A Vintage Firetruck Party Inspired by a School Bus

While creating a School Bus themed party for a friend, I couldn't help but transition in to a firetruck. My son is totally obsessed with them and we have plans later this week to take icecream sandwiches to our neighborhood fire station. I guess they are just on the brain. Here's a peek at what's available at the shop with this vintage style firetruck a la Thomas.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrate July 4th with free party decor!

Go get your free July 4th Party Circles and take your holiday party to the next level! For free!
Don't know what to do with these? Check out the tutorial

Sweet Cupcake Photo Invitation and Party Circles

These are available at:

Tricycle Birthday Party

Check out the latest in the shop! The tricycle party is perfect for a birthday or baby shower! Available at

Sweet Cake Party

Brand new to the shop, the Sweet Cake Party designs including a digital invitation and matching printable party circles and tags! Available at

Little Duck Party or Shower

How sweet is your little duck's party going to be with these invitations and party circles!? Now available at

Bumble Bee Invitation, Party Circles, and Tags

Available at:

Vintage Wagon Party

Available at

Photo Sock Monkey Invitation and Party Decor

All these are available at

Sock Monkey Vintage Party

Now available at

Sock Monkey Pulling Wagon Party

Sock Monkey Sweet Girl Party

Now available at

Sock Monkey Baby Girl - Baby Shower

Available at

Matching Party Circles coming soon! Also available for a boy or gender nuetral. Just ask!

Sock Monkey Surfer Party

Available at

Sock Monkey Party Animal Party

Get a party design complete with a banner, party bags, party hats, cupcake toppers, gift tags, napkin rings, gift pails, invitations, and thank you notes. All available at

Sock Monkey Twin Birthday

This invitation and party set can be done for one child as well. Just ask!

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